List of Book Bloggers Who Are Open to Review Requests

Here is a list of book bloggers who are willing to accept review requests. Keep in mind that I primarily write in the romance, new adult, young adult and chick lit genres, so the majority of them are prefer novels of that type. Book reviewer availability also changes periodically, so some of them may temporarily not be open to requests during certain time periods.

These are all free reviews, but each reviewer has their own preferences and guidelines, so be sure to read each review policy and follow the instructions on how to submit your book or summary to them.
Adventures in Writing:
Always YA at Heart:
Book boyfriend hangover:
Books Unhinged:
Becky Books & Quilts:

Chick Lit Central:
Collector of Book Boyfriends:
Dayreader Reviews:

Reviewed the Book:
Smut Book Junkie:
Summers Book Blog:

Underneath the Covers:


  1. I also accept book reviews on

  2. I , too , am open to review requests :)

    My blog :

  3. I too am open to requests and love self published works! thanks, Paige :)

  4. I'm open to review requests as well:

  5. Thanks for providing the list of book bloggers Very Helpful. There is a friend of mine who write book reviews will recommend her these blogs so she can publish her work and share it with the world.

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